Dealing with a chaotic todo list

Dealing with a chaotic todo list

I know your potential. I know you are above average. But all of us have 24 hours a day. When you know you can do literally everything and anything, you have to pick what to do. You can respond to a flying butterfly or jump on a watery ditch. It's your call what you want to respond to.

Having more than 150 things to do feels overwhelming. Atleast for me.

There's a lot more in the list that I might share later.

I'm in a phase of my life where I do have some due diligence to do before I can make a leap. I am conditioned with some heavy stones that is promoting stagnation.

This image more or less summarises my condition to accomplish something.

To Fight this I have decided to use FINISH strategy

Reconsidering short and long term goals. Is the task really that important ? Is it the one you should be doing right now and not after something else ? Is this the best organisation of your events ? Does this deliver the most value with least effort ?

Interruptions are inevitable. I'll get back to task in hand as soon as I put the interruption aside

Out of sight out of mind. Now is the time. Now or never. But I can add more in the todo list and organize it once in a while.

Doing things that are personal. I'm making the office, my learning lab. I'm not doing it for them. I am the one that gets the ultimate benefits. They get monetary benefits, which is short term. I am absolutely involved and I Innovate things.

Staying in the air is important. Find ways to refuel. Find ways to dodge bullets. Become agile. If you get down its game over. Some one else wins the game.

Celebrate at-least with a pat. But I'm gonna make my all time favourite Paneer Butter Masala. The place I visit for this delicious recipe is Annakut. Listening to the eternal music and drolling after I see it.

a bowl of red curry with pita bread in the background

Making use of hidden times during the bus or appointment with the lawyers.

Let's see if I can deal with my chaotic life with this strategy.

And Now I have renewed 2nd year for Amazon Community Builders I'll be writing more blogs to deal with problems that fellow builders face.

See you soon.